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Environment affects the brain: By NazoAli

Environment affects the brain: By NazoAli
Environment affects the brain

Environment affects the brain:

3:15, midnight the streets are like silent graveyard no noise, unbelievable that its the place  
same as in day,

A car stop in front of a gate then a 13years old boy came out who was trembling due to being drunk .while he ring the bill .well young man opened the gate and took his hand hardly and kicked him to home where three other starts beating too till he lost his consciousness then women put her hands together and request to four of them that please leave him he doesn't have control to himself. she holds his hand and came in room she do bandage of places which injured by the brothers .she thought that I knew my son is doing bad to himself but I felt worst when I see other sons behaving so to their own little brother. 12:30, Mehran felt dizzy when he wanted to wake up, then the all image of night come to his mind. he called his mother who is the only one understands .it wasn't the first time he did so.

since childhood, he used to do such strange things which have not done by anyone yet in their family. His parents were role model for the society they live but his action might decided to end up whole reputation that took years to be,It's said that he doesn't like babies and child because he many time tried to harm them. He stole the things and sell them , he take drugs, drinks wine, smoke but no one asked why you destroyed your life none of them stop just blame his parents.

People didn't have sense That if the fault is of parents then he is not the only son why others are well Living. Everyone knows how to count the badness not have eyes when some one ends the life best.
The unstoppable talks of people camples his parents to send him their own country Balochistan where might he feel that I am living a comfortable life and I vanished it by my deeds.
Mehran landed to Pakistan Karachi after some days he entered to Baluchistan the motherland of his parents where the situation were worst every where  you get drugs adductor , child labour even the educated people takes drugs due to unbearable conditions of their country or some lost their lives in serve of nation ,if anyone who is well qualified but still no value then go for drugs and some fail in love  do the same, they think it's only source to be relax but they couldn't realize that it's reason what leads our nation to backwards .
Merhan mind catched everything being in this country , he loved the way of people living here, he adjusted him so quickly , However , The people around whom he was living to gain the reason why he behave so there because his words were full  of wisdom , Once he shared his all story that what leads him drinking wine or smoke in this early age.

I wasn't given value in my home because I made friends who were over aged ,I  wished to do anything adventure to create new types of fun in life , I used to say take me with you guys while all family have trip or picnic but noone ever informed me then I start travelling with bad companies the first trip I did alone I went to Bahrain then I get people who lives were just to leave everything behind and have fun , I thought if I do something strange or anything which haven't done in our family might I get some attention and they feel guilty for not giving me value while I did so then they planned that we send him far he will be aware that what's family .

Three months had gone I tried to know that I hadn't know the value of my family or they didn't  recognize what the family is in actual, after all today I had reached on the main point that actually my purpose was take my family together but they thought they are already together.

What I observed that only weekends were the time to say hello ,hye or sometimes they  get together to have a name that they use to meet each other in this busy world mostly they pay more attention to the one who had well settled or known to people I had friends they were poor it meant that I am too poor any time I say take me with they never it made me cample to take big step that they must get it's there lazzines or gradiness that they didn't give time to their brother but they couldn't because they would never feel that I m brother too though I don't have such thinking.

I got that I  feel need of family. It's very hard to be far from parents. We just think of being away from present situation not to solve out the problems our self made mistakes. Because every one  is busy on their own making life not country or nation Dear!  How is taste of my first time made Byriani asked Shadri? A seriousness ends and laughing began when Mehran replied the answer so (byriani SK vshahn ble go chatni ha, tao aek  a baneenag besik ganj e)
She pinch him and start laughing too.

Thanks for reading the post, hope you like it.

BY: NazoAli

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