Thursday, September 20, 2018

hidden talents are not yet discover

lets discover the humanity which lost dont know where
hidden talents are not yet discover

hidden talents are not yet discover:

mom, your lots of  care absolutely make me careless, said nine years cute Hanul.
No dearest it’s the duty of women to care for hers family then I think I didn’t yet did something stranger then the people living, end the point that your mother is only to do care my bestee .

Ok mom ,any time I start something you too arise your lecture. Oh! I forgot that why came to you mom.

Why asked Hanul’s mother? I came to inform you that ,I am going with my friends to field so collect the dirty cloths hence , I too wash with them replied Hanul.
Wait till I do arrangement of  them how to be washed. After 5mins she was ready to leave for field her father enter and gazed her with always looking red eyes which weren’t the sign that he is angry or drunk or any other reason the eyes were so due to the infection of dust  goes to eyes while farming.  As research of physician that the time is  too  speed for some and slower to some , a 28 years man looks 40 because they get mature earlier then the people living advanced world also  the over working on farms to assist the world with his effort   but yet the government didn’t took any serious action on change .

Salam baba, said Hanul , walikumsalam  my little princess answer back her father with great smile .

Hanul, please come out ,it will be late to come back again  the sound of girl come from outside of room which were made with muds ,a small room where a kitchen was also attached  to the same room ,

Hanul  moves toward them in front of home two baby in age of 3 and 2 whose faces were cover with muds and their charming looks were more beautiful .An other hand the friends of hanul were waiting for her .They put the 1st steps for  miles far field where they usually take the water for their works and carry through donkies to home .These are the situation of richest province of  Pakistan present in largest content of developing world Asia,

One look on the place where the eyes get comfort  ,freshness  of greenery provides relaxation, looks as if no ending,  but still the people run back  to rising world where just we have the deep of earth not humans.

However ,they washed the dresses  also played with water,  filled up the Cans which were brought for water and they cut wood in pieces kept them all on backs of donkeys and begin to be back to the home at 1:30 .

While she enters at home then lunch was already ready all took lunch during which Hanul’s  father tell that Master Aman left his home went to city to educate his children and be updated about the recent situation of world .With confusing look Hanul asked to her dad ,why people leave their own area why they don’t struggle for bringing the changes which are brought in cities ,dad if they are educated then they know that how humanity is important and they should then build their own areas where they spent their hard times and they are well known about the conditions of their areas if they don’t rise the hand for our developments then how the foreigners initiate  as its said that always starts from yourself but they wants just benefits for them not the place where they grown up sometimes we must think about that where we had passed our life beautiful memories because wherever we go ,wherever we reach ,we should be known by own area where the muds were the partner of our good or bad days .

Doing so ,migrating from the  own village or area just provides the children of those who migrated but the area left behind is same as before ,baba , if my brother come back after being educated then he will teach me so we both handed make our village green as you do by framing we will spread the seed of education then people come from places to put the block of their future then we clarify the first chapter that after completing your aim, be back to the place where you come from to teach the people living with peace because our religion as named of living together .

Baba ,can we do  asked his 6 years daughter samul? The smile which usually appear while samul speaks with her attached tongue due to which she couldn’t yet say the words clearly and baba said yeah the one who keeps good hopes will get the great result by Almighty Allah because he is the only one who knows what we ourselves yet didn’t thought so, move up and prove the right things  .

After the lunch Hanul grassed the goats, cows and sheep .took the milk of goats for tea and cow’s milk to store them as drinking milk for freshness of brain once told by her brother .

5:30,the all men sets together and talks ,in other side the boys play cricket ,kapady and many games ,same the women sew cloths and girls child do marriages of their dolls and get awareness how the house be controlled or run a whole house.

Such pleasant moments are mostly lost now days everyone is busy on owns lives, due to advanced world peace is disturbed.

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