Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jobs are just to earn money?

10:30, a straight road the voice of vehicles took up the noise pollution. If anyone near the road, shout with the full volume, absolutely no one would listen. Suddenly a car crashed another car in the case the other car went down to road, instead of looking them the man drives faster and went.

Asif, Asif ,a 13 years old girl was yelling the name and was asking for help. But everyone around was busy to move towards their own problem.
Approximately after 10 minutes a 60 years aged man came and took them to hospital where doctors came to them nearly after 1hour.
Then a nurse came an inject a injection again began doing something else so that 13years old Ayesha screamed aloud which attracts the attention of all people staying the room and say are doctors or devil my brother is lying 1 half hour but still none of you come to see what happened and oh Mr., he is human .you injected the injection and wondering here and there see how much blood entered into injection already high bleeding from head made brother weak don’t watch me do your work the patients are might  needy of doctors like you ,I am enough for my brother Mr. take out your dirty a lots of time vaccinated injection ,the love and cares is best source to save a life the profession of doctors is serve humanity but these new ways vanished love for humanity and brought up devil  to humans.

DEAR, you are here what happened? Did you inform home asked a working man of the hospital?
No, I had forgotten the Number replied Ayesha.
Wait, take care I will call them.
she took out the pieces from hands ,washed the injured places do bandage and saw the head which was opened due to hitting to stone she cleans the blood carefully and saw drops of bloods bleeding from her head ,she felt dizzy.

Abba, she smiled when opened her eyes and saw her father standing in front of her, and say the word Abba with very weak sound.
Abba , let see Asif ,I now he will be feeling fine because I did care of him not as usual we fight and you scold Asif and  I do laugh Abba ,today when the car man  hit us he was injured I really didn’t laugh I also didn’t cry because Asif told me  when you cry I will be angry with you ,Abba he always wants me to laugh ,smile have fun so, let’s go to him so that he could  see me laughing on him that where is Mr. Brave man  who always suggested me to hold the situation.
Everyone was silent just Ayesha was laughing after her each sentence she ends.
Abba, why your eyes are filled with tears, Abba where is Maryam.
There wasn’t any response except tears.
A doctor entered then, Ayesha again starts her unstoppable talks.
Abba, they doctors are not humans they let my brave brother silent during his sister was to cry because they didn’t did anything so I do, she stopped
Abba, I’m here what happened to me?
Dear now, take rest .I will go home take your Mom and sisters and be back soon.

Abba, let me see my brother, or I will be with Asif till you people come.
Without any answer hers father went out from the room.

Yeah, I’m feeling tired I must sleep.

Finally after a long sleep she gets up and asked woman near her bed “what’s time “?
She replied 3:00. What! 3:00, how it can be?  When my father was here what was the time? With full shocked she questioned again.
That near to 11:15 of morning answered the woman.
Then when I came here? This time wanted to confirm the date.
The woman said I’m here for five days, you were here too.
Suddenly her family members reached.
Salam Mama, said Ayesha. Mama who is she pointing to 5 years girl?
She is Maryam. Replied her mama
She looked strangely and ask for going to Asif. Little princes we will take you to home today than there we talk said her father.

Abba, it’s our home, when you changed it, why you make it so, that was better, bigger than this.
No question now, please, said her father.
She became silent.
While, they go in home. Done lunch, but Ayesha didn’t say a single word no question, no arguing on food she ate as she did before.
Whenever anyone start talking she just put her finger on her lips to make them silent.
Three days passed, no change even didn’t ask about Asif.
They were worried about her.

One night while, all was sleeping, Ayesha setting outside under dark sky full appearance of stars and absence of moon.
Her father set next to her and asked with tearful eyes that why you are so silent dear say a word please I waited 3 years to see  again same
 Naughty ,talkative energetic ,smile and always laughing Ayesha? Might you won’t ask me more because  I had refused for questioning that day

But I will tell what happened when we arrived at hospital, Asif was no more due to high bleeding and a piece of mirror went to his neck. An other hand, the doctors didn’t took that seriously  which caused his death whereas, you went to comma, your treatment took a lot to us than we sold our that home and start living in this small house the three years went as three hundred  years .

Abba, I got everything because I’m mature, I can understand what is going on in surrounding.
Said Ayesha with drops of tears falling from her both eyes so fast.
But you shouldn’t stopover talking to us, dear life has taught you more than your age.
Abba maturity not comes from age it comes from experience.
Let have a new life to begin with remembrance past moments. Thanks Allah for giving a reason to live my life with the best memories and time spent  with my beloved.

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