Tuesday, September 25, 2018

people do change and memories remain same.

 That story is about 6 years back when I met a girl with strange family,

Shahnaz, be quick we are already late. I’m not available replied Shahnaz wait I will send cup of tea to you be relax I’m not late than you are as usual. Someone should take her out please, it’s near to start first period, I shouted with anger. A 12 years old girl carrying a dustbin came out from next gate and staring with a strange look. The sound of opening gate again took my  attention to Shahnaz who was having a role of bread in her hand which always meant of her breakfast while she wake up near to 8:15 the time for school assembly.

Move forward, Shahnaz holding my hand .oh see there I think new neighbors came to live I wanted to tell Shahnaz.

Might, answered Shahnaz .oh madam I didn’t ask you about that are they new or not I just informed you about them added her words in ending of Shahnaz word “might” I replied

Dear, if your mind works so go back and repeat the last sentence you shared just you thought by saying , I think  , Shahnaz well replied  to her ,also give a quick look  to that girl who was still standing there and seeing them both naughty irresponsible sisters .

While, we reached, the teacher was already at class .teacher looked and was to ask the reason which she already knew, but for confirmation might something new we have to explain. Before teacher ask we begin the story which always leave a laugh full environment I said madam, today a strange type of girl was standing in front of our home who took our time because I was busy to discover the main reason how she can stand as you say the biggest talent is to observe the surrounding so I got that the bones which are not visible due to  coverage of muscles, in which the flow of blood was weak in my research because she was feeling un easy to stand but I solute her that she stood by the help of bones and I can say without any doubt that she is still in shocked that a little innocent girl wake up early in the morning just for this school which yet didn’t t got what blessing I am, she surely feel proud to me ,Dear keep patient and listen to next ,the best I did in this primary section after sun rising that I forced my careless sister to have the breakfast which play a best source of energy in our body because the glycogens store in our muscles to work energetically so, are you still thinking of punishing such good girl, ended with questioning eyes ? This time we had really a strange excuse which brought a smile on madam face and say thanks to explaining yesterday’s lecture clearly by your unbelievable excuse.

With a naughty smile, Shahnaz asked madam no need of sorry than? What should I say, your excuses are useful but being late is harmful warily madam express her feeling. Madam don’t take tension for me I will change harmful situation to arms full of solution for the problems create due to not giving value to time I said, But dear time doesn’t care for those who disvalue time because once it goes never be back again, madam suggested to me. And  I was someone , who always ready to answer whether right or wrong ,if  time doesn’t be back than  I won’t remain forever too so time should give value to me .have seats and lets starts the next lecture madam concluded the discussion. Which may affect the brains of people who listened to her.

You here! Asked math’s teacher? I shouldn’t be here, in the place of answering I questioned back to madam. Yeah you shouldn’t, because its 9th class not yours so you have to go on your own class .answer back madam .madam one confusion that if I love studying and teacher is not at class and anther class teacher is teaching I must not go there because a great personality said wherever you get knowledge move there so let me cut the long story short I actually meant that there is no teacher in our class I wanted to set there .Offs.

What is your name our fresh neighbor? I   Asked, I don’t have any special name as each individual has but I am known as a daughter of Obama said that girl .hahaha, Shahnaz laughed on me because I was never answered so. Ohye I asked your name not biography I asked again with a smile, as black cows are black beauty of India I’m the only black beauty of Pakistan .quick reply came from that girl. Dear you don’t know what your name is or you are just taking fun of me, I said for confirmation. Actually I ‘m Mahgul at last she told her name and say never share it to anyone please, is it your name or you stole it from somewhere? I asked with strange look. No beloved, I just want to live with not being identified said now known neighbor Mahgul. Ok we also don’t have time to make you famous.

After two days, Sunday 11:00, extraordinary voice came as if two or more than two person were angrily talking to each other ,I  was always ready for moving towards such situation though I  never solved but I  loves arguments of people reality  I don’t  love peace. When I got out from home I saw that Mahgul’s father is fighting with next neighbor. After the nonstop able fight I call Mahgul for more details. These two days I become too close to this family I took her for the admission to school and language center as well she became a part in my illegal works after we start our mission such as going late school with double fun having long walks in evening and or while back to school or language center and taking things but didn’t paid money also teased people which last to fight once we slapped a boy at school and tortured for beating after school bunking class and went to higher classes ,one day while we came school at was late as before because I woke up before 5 minutes of first period when we arrived the teacher was at  class ,we didn’t went to class we entered canteen, the time when second teacher was to give entry to class ,we both went than madam asked why you both are outside ,I said madam actually my mother once told me that leave  everything but not food and our religion or rules taught us not to refuse mother so, if didn’t admit the talks  of my mother I would get sin two ways and you know I am very little girl I can’t take loads of so many sins ,so madam try to understand some of  our stomach problem.  shit after today I will bring breakfast, please came at time requested madam, madam it won’t be daily just sometimes but yeah any time I get hungry in your class I will be there for completion of word as you said after today I will bring so take care I just informed madam so that she must be alert at any time. Because I wasn’t to leave anyone I liked to disturb people, I was at class four sir asked me about my wishes I happily answered I want to be a terrorist if not than I will never let anyone around me to live in peace because if in this world we live in peace than grave already peace we won’t be bore living same?  Something must be different adventure and I am thousand percent sure If I try for peace I know we won’t get because it’s not peacetime.

14th of September 2013,while went school uncle told us its off today , Mahgul planned for visit park and enjoy the weather ,we four friends said yes to Mahgul though we knew that was sunny day but the love for enjoying  makes us to step forward. Having fun in playing  and singing increased the desire to stay more ,none of us having watch to see the time and go home on time actually we were not wishing to go home that’s why we stayed than watchman said go home yours parents are worried you guys are also in school uniforms so, we came out from park and start wondering uselessly in roads , an ice cream seller was passing road we stop him and began eating chocolates and said for four ice cream ,we select longest way to our home because we thought might its early or near to 12:00 .our two friends home came they went ,now me and Mahgul was remaining to go home ,let’s go my cousin home it’s not time yet said Mahgul , ok I replied  excitingly .

Back from there, while I enter at my home there was no one it was sign that its 3 to 4 o’clock I called Mahgul that it’s time for center I will change the uniforms you should take out lunch if you get free earlier than me done. after change I took lunch Mahgul’s home as usual we did ,and walk toward center we were so harry than the shopkeeper where we used to barrow without any reason was yelling and saying its 5:30 too much late its boys time ,we ignored and run in street where  we used to knocked the doors and run and sometimes put big stones so that bikes must not pass we put the first step Mahgul went to her class I  was moving to my class Mahgul was saying something but  I didn’t give any response to her  I was to enter I took my step back and run away from there I saw Mahgul was laughing we ignore all and get out from gate back to us our sir was asking what happened Subahna, I replied without looking back ,Inshallah! You will hear the story one day. What should we do now I can’t come from the same way because Sharif will take fun of us lets be at Barfi’s home and will go home at 6:00 and give the excuse that our friend forced us to go with her . That was boy’s time.

24 of September 2013, the birthday of Mahgul, the environment was cool so I  shared the story of that day which end with voice of loud laughs .Hahahahahaha, but today there wasn’t those people around me but still A smile appear when I think of the moments spent with her don’t know where  she will be, might we will not meet again but hopes keep life ,as she be same or unbearable situation of life changed her might still she break the fast on Ramzan and say good peoples are enough to keep goodness of world or used  say  angels are enough for worshiping Allah we humans should destroy the world so that again Allah take us to heaven ,still she is sure about her death that I know it won’t come till I won’t do any good deed so many question so many time asked by my brain to heart but only reply was , the people do change memory remains same .

Today is your birthday and I wanted Nazia to Share our memories might from somewhere you listened it you might laugh with heart and tears came when you over laughing and I too laugh from here, in dreams we do the same again.

Happy happy birthday day to you, it’s really hard to control the tears may this birthday bring us closer, may we meet again as same we met first time may your life be full of blessings, you are not black beauty of Pakistan your memories are beauty of my heart and whenever I do anything same as did before, I feel need of you, your words are still heard when I miss you ,being far by miles did not  affect the love for each other we are soul mate our souls do meet daily in our dreams .

Might we come across in heaven same with strange look and I again ask your name and you reply with smile which attracts hearts that dear its heaven everyone lives here peacefully so forget all about we lived before and I will pinch you and conclude the conversation with line said by you that we will remains same as we are in here (Nafasook).

Shahdan bathye…..

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