Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Today's hard work tomorrow's Luck: By NazoAli

Today's hard work tomorrow's Luck: By NazoAli
Today's hard work tomorrow's Luck

Today's hard work tomorrow's Luck:

We are mostly unaware about the unbearable conditions of anyone's life, often such condition generates self-made energy to reach in place where not only they but also the people around them must not face the same problem again.
Same as,a girl from a far village wished to have  high education for the girls ,there wasn't anyone to support or motivate her but she never give up because the only line was enough for the thousands of people around her who were against that was"Allah helps those who help themselves".it wasn't a just a sentence it was her support . She used to have millions of questions but did not get answer ever. Always close the eyes with lots of planes.
Who there, please? Asked Mahrab. Dear, I'm the one by whom might you can discuss the Bad time you are suffering. While the She light up the lamp she became shocked and recognized that he was Thomas Edison about whom she studies in a book which she brought from a friend belongs to next village in wedding of her cousin , she remembered that he invented the first bulb. Why you made that bulb she began the process of questioning.

Have you ever notice that why your father daily move out early in the morning?

Yup, for our family. She replied happily.
Then he said that what is the reason to your brother do job? She confusingly answered that to build his future. Very good ,then listen ,no one think about others likely my struggles weren't to provide the generation a Lightening future I felt difficult in my works due to darkness so for finishing my darkness I brought up the bulb but it become the shining star of Up going world the motivated lines were that in life there are two main things, everyone doesn't have good luck but second one is hard work which comes to everyone   . The point ends as same that every individual has the point B which is to work hard anyone your father brother works to have a perfect life with their families, not for others but these hard works lead each member of family to well-made future.

Many years before I worked hard for myeslf but the result of my struggle is still beneficial to you, will be.
Today you stand up to to hand over the situation then lots of people will be Lucky because the hard work of one decide the lucks of hundreds.

The morning sun rays were the sign of new day which brought hopes to live thousands year not in hearts or in the books, in the smile of people.

Mahrab, why you are giving a strange look? Asked Maher.

She took her hands to her face and start looking to mirror and with loud laugh she replied am I a ghost?

No, I have not meant so. A gloomy look, what I guessed that you had gained a new chance to stay on your word or dreams are the only things which let your eyes be opened. As usual, Maher claimed her's mind and described the hidden words.

Sisters are the heart reader might they never understand the lecture taught by teachers or anyone's else but they are linked with each other Which provides all important information being cooked next.

Mehar had received the data which effected the brain of Mahrab, both felt relax while they story of hundreds time failed man who achieved the goal of life by hard work not by luck what is now the best luck we had.

In a world, every single second a person is forwarding a best of luck to next to him/her.
It doesn't  hurt me that I couldn't do anything I would be totally broken from inside when I leave the world or society same as I lived but in a corner, the happiness having fun with joy that next to me apply something different there won't be the need of these ways I did because the try something new to develop the chained thoughts.

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