Tuesday, October 1, 2019

why some people look angry ?

we can't get peace untill our souls are not satisfied by our deads

why some people look angry?

Have you ever over cried in people or in front of some one mespecial? asked maham ,
As it's necessary to cry on pains we feel in inner or any corner of heart? Do the tears end up the fire which was put by the ones who had just only wanted to heat their necessities? Are tears responsible for the pain?
As Fatima stopped,,Maham was as if already thought of interfering.

Ohye! I've only on asked one question you began over questioning to me?    Dear, why you talk so deeply ?why your questions never get last? Maham face was the face of that little baby who is only 6 months and learning how to take the tongue to say the first word.  The dimples of red checks were informing that Fatima was laughing on the expression of the person setting next to her . Fatir turn his face to Fatima and say deshoo ! Finish your magical talks, let's move to home we have some urgent works to be held today at any case.

No,  let her be with me for sometime .I'll drove her home after class said MahamDeshoo's left hand! She has to go I don't have any explanation and she won't tell so please not to ...after all you are well educated girl better understand.
They left the grassy.

Run run, Fatima jump .Fatir was screaming  to Fatima run from here. Come inside the gate. Now Fatima was suggesting to Fatir.  
After a while they both innocent twins were in ground of their home  . .they had knew today night is full of fun. Nonetheless,  their Grandpa's laughing sound came to their hear and they too took part. 
A long conversation which Was started which got silent by hearing the voice of neighbor,
whom water tank was always full and never given a glass of water to the people living thirsty around so they naughty siblings took big water canes and filled all and served to poor .So, now he had complain to m y grandpa who smiled as usual listened to our deeds ,same he turned back by the lines you will not get well .Moreover. We will never be changed till the first improvement of your thoughts that A man can't live just for themselves we have to look around and live for them too best of luck, next time we hope there won't be any need of us,well wishers from both finally she end the long lecture said Fatir. Really I became bore concluded by grandpa.

Environment once again filed Loud sound of laughing. Honey , am I looks angry all the time Asked by Fatima.
No ,deshoo peopl never understand the hidden feelings they just know face reading not emotions so in there point they are right because you express the words in full emotion which always leads to be accepted as anger but dear that's the anger of not being hopeless  it's due to the  situations of our society which won't receive any change from government, in the views of people,who are  serving most dangerous item in society that's education of books only not in the improvement of thoughts .sis , still any doubt of holding anger on your face ,better replied to Fatima by the one who was,is brought or given to her for removing all confusion mostly created by  Herself.From childhood till the present moment they used to avoid people from bad deeds. They still remember the first day of their this work was when they were 7.then Fatima saw a policeman letting  a big car to pass the road in the place he should give way to ambulance she knew that how a man life is important because the little princess father used to be sad while a patient didn't get well soon
However ,two minds start working together to stop the rich man car to save a life.As it's said Allah is always with good hearted people. An idea jumped to the mind of Fatima and they begin their mission

Sir please take your car in side from there ,pointing to east someone told me to inform you that the police man is might our enemy too because he is only allowing you might they planned .Taking just one minute he convinced him .The rich man took side since ambulance has gone.

we felt very happy and over crying is not as much needed to show up the feelings just act best to never let any one to cry for the events who had cried for..

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