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Efforts for feminism shows the superiority of humans .

dealing with ourlseves is much better to proving other wrong

I don’t have any idea about what people will say or think about the decision n I had taken. ‘What the people understand I won’t care anymore, might the attractive smile on his lips would be the answer or each individual make their mind themselves about strange choice I took in view of people. But didn’t disremember the 8 years.

Before 8 year,
Mahoo, gets up see the time...Grumbled her mother with voice full love and care .Amaaa, ask time to hamood my eyes are busy in dreams replies with over innocently in face.uff! I meant wake up its being late for college and your father is ready for leave .Again requested to Mahoo to wake up .she got up speedily and Abba you had done breakfast said angrily? No dear, without you I nothing I was just waiting for to get up and have our meal with Abba Hayat and fun...So Abba Hayat’s princess be ready and today it’s your day as usual his father put his warm hands to her head with blooming of love and said his words.
Yeah, no one yet given such value to the daughter and what the people  would say ……her mother was still complaining about the behavior of her daughter which was due to being equal as each man of the world had till the world started.aba what the people will say she repeated the same question of her mother ?the answer came from Abba and Abba Hayat that “nako Hayat ha wti jenak  Sara chadethnta”.
Mother kept the breakfast and say please mahoo bring some water for kitchen you are well aware about the water problem in our dasht, sooo.this time  no argument because she always gets serious about the situation of Dasht ,she was the only girl who has given formation to study to college it was her first year in college due to which the all people living around had begun or achieved a reason to blame Nako Hayat’s granddaughter who has done the work which hadn’t been by the man or boys of the area.
 From childhood she took step for herself either a big unbearable condition or bad words usually been spoken by every individual when they saw a alone girl passing a street or taking something nearby shop for her home chores .before leaving for college she took the cans and bottles and call Hamood for helping her because she was already late .
The year passes, it was not same as she often take her mobile calendar to the date time to bring or live the events when she was with her loving family in memories of her family she used to do.
 the best was that she even didn’t use any bad expression on the silly words of people she often thought might  they are saying true word  or may be  not whenever such thought generate on her mind she just provide an acceptable reason for her efforts  which she was bearing in strange city where the people she knew where not just stranger as the city but also  had been a family to her because it took her 7 years far from her family without whom she was nothing it doesn’t mean that today they weren’t with her it was being apart from loves makes her  more strong to keep  them more secure because in such time she often try her  best …it the end she stops on the point that she is not for making other wrong or write it’s just to prove that the people who gives equality or are support feminism are not weak but they have strength to face women with their super power as same gifted to man by God (ALLAH) .
Maheen Ahmad has completed her MBA “this was the line clearing her all efforts she had done since she was born till now .having a degree can’t prove what she wished it was only the path she had gotten now the whole journey was yet remaining.
She took the land of her grandfather (Abba Hayat) and her mother who was only child of her parents due to which she had all the property of her parents now anything  parents had the given to these two brother and sister where Mahoo planned for farming on her land where the framers doesn’t have to just work and they would be  having better future for their children too because not only they get payment also their girls were being taught there .the shepherds get well arranged place for grassing their goats and sheep .once someone asked her for the rejection job in city where she could get a name and well settled life too  ,she answered with one sided smile which mostly appear when she listen or anyone  ask about her settlement of life that A person ,who has been blessed by knowledge or education but still just work hard for his settlement is worse than goats who usually go for grassing where they get sided for another and give them equality .if I can’t accept myself as a goat or any other organism so  I must make available my efforts to prove that humans had blessed in superior to all creatures.
And tomorrow the question will  be that are you mad or men had gotten finish these words will be said by those who used to say ALLAH shouldn’t give such daughters to any one because they thought  only their women are respect  not others but they never felt in dark black soul that time when light was absent in present of darkness to their hearts they teased their own women might we think no one is related to one another but in concept of  a nation where the martyred men is known as our nation brother . why yet the men didn’t got the reality that if country can be motherland a nation is called home, living people are in like family so why yet they didn’t told the men of our home that we are sister and mother of every individual if the man can’t give them glowing education can’t offer impartiality to them as we had already have but they have to keep the respect of their women .from the day when my own area men who always had beaten their girls in the name of respect but play games with others whose girls stood up for the betterment. the area where who she  didn’t gain respect but were provoked me in bad words which didn’t break me that made me more stronger because a person can’t be disrespect from the person who already lose his respect in name of respect.
Good luck as if the full moon on sky was wishing best for her decision she has chosen before 10 years but tomorrow was day to admit it her parents not Abba Hayat was aware about it on the spot because old aged people get everything by one new expression or might they learned face reading or take out covers of heart and explain what actually our heart has to suggest even we ourselves sometime can’t verify the reality of our new emotions but they do. It wasn’t the only reason for being so much close to my grandfather there were millions of reason or sometimes we don’t need any reason to be near to anyone or create place for them to our heart because the authority of choosing anyone is ours but the reasons or main aim to keep them in life is not ours it’s our heart which had the contract of such activities.
 Well good bye moon hope we meet next night with a good news and never ending conversation where you are just listener not the replier the best thing I always say it to that I really love you because you just stay and never argue on my talks till I feel asleep at the end of night when stars leave sky but it’s the night when me and you meet every month till the sun rise up and you disappear because the time changes and we too have to be a side give way to other to shine .
What! Her exclaimed with stunned.
Are you sure Mahoo? Asked hamood.
Really? Amazing surprise, said her father
Well what next we have to do Mahoo malika? With confusing smile which made Abba Hayat face more handsome Abba Hayat said.
Than what was the planned 10 year before Abba Hayat questioned Mahoo with confident?
I truly don’t have any word to explain my happiness that how you waited 10 years and today while you had everything but still …..Abba Hayat put his hand back to Mahoo and left his sentence uncompleted.
Zirwan‘s marriage with Mahoo said baboo to Hafez.
Is it true, is she mad? Hafez was in shocked
She is an educated girl, has a best future and marring zirwan who doesn’t know what is A to B and He always looks bored, if people didn’t listen his slow attracting voice of song the people would say he also don’t know how to speak and If Mahoo start speaking no one will get time to answer her question and mahoo had lot of arguments on many thing as we listen her voice while she came from city the more sentences were added by Farooq.
OH! Moon today I will say just something about the day when first I saw Zirwan. Do you what was best in him his silence.
Mahoo felt as if moon is laughing the liking quality that she loves his silence .so Mahoo had the answer without any question that a man shouldn’t find a woman who has seven covered which meant respectful and woman has right to choose what she needs in his life partner because .might every family member try to have such a man for their daughter who has qualified, settled with best earning money. I agree all those, while my mom say that he is a shepherd and he is not your match, no qualification no earning even doesn’t have a home for living. I said Amma, if you really want a guy of my match he is the one .his qualification is that he is a shepherd, he earns whatever will end our needs, living I had, it’s not must that marring man should has all this qualities while you all send my for education my Abba usually suggested other for equalities in son and daughter so why only a man should be king of these qualities.
Mom honesty is best policy
Shit again its 5; 00 sorry I don’t know whenever I start talking they ends so late the most important line that he is same to you silent, will smile on my each funny act and he is duplicate of you because he too shine and show way to his goats the acts are same but ways and instruments are different .he will be the partner of developing my area because the one who loves creatures of creator has never ended.     

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