Monday, November 26, 2018

Create a color to paint the world again

never get in the color of people just create a new color and mix everyone in it

                                                               Anything is bad ,is just for others in concept of people known as honest in this rising world .it’s only which hurts me whenever I see or feel people called educated or authentic doing the un acceptable work ,let’s suppose a truthful father works hard and hope to has his children peaceful life and be straightforward  and same there a small not well aware about this big world girl ,who is apple of eyes of his parents anything she wish to demand from her family she already received but never knew the effortful job which brought a well grown man to old dad who has suffered to teach his daughter a lesson of honesty . The usual act of functioning as machine to sort a glowing human being by completing demands of shining future his family. of After lots of effort one day finally his daughter get able to serve the things which was cooked by her father that was the day when she reached on test hall where she went for being a nation builder In simple words a teacher that was rainy day as if the nature was testing her power or ability to has smooth or dry way in this watery day everywhere people were trying to get home because might the seconds they don’t took their step so the continuously raining would stop their step for hours because in this non stopping rain would make it uneasy to reach home or anywhere they wanted to be but from them hundreds of people were struggling to be in test hall on exact time where they would get the fruit of their watering seed .
With heart and brain everyone was busy to fill the sheets with their 17 years of learning and experience. The month of January with rainy weeks where the heavy rainfall left temperature cold due to winter season it was over cool and as if neurons had lost the act of functioning . But each individual was trying their best to end up with brilliant results.
The next day, results were on front and the little daughter who was able enough to utilize the best for her was on the top 3 but because of some problems created by rich people or officers was not letting her to have the seat of her effort but her father didn’t lose hope .struggle, went here and there for justice or fruits of his own well grown tree.  After long struggle, near two years the father proudly fulfilled the demand of his daughter as usual he did. But before he could see his daughter doing what he wished for so many years he left this strange world back and died with smile on his lips ,a perfect look which make people think that a man who suffer too much and leaving his adult ,unmarried daughter alone and still smiling ,no pain ,no stressed ,everyone was amazed on a real smile on dead body behind that in corner the daughter was busy with serving people came in funeral of his father it was more shocking that two persons who had never had a piece of bread without each other or even didn’t took any step  separately today one left but second one look relax as if still both hands are  working calm ,feet are being kept together . Might it was the last point or last stage of patience.
The time to hand up the qualities of her soul mate .she began to go miles away from her home for teaching In an area where the students had never knew  any basic thing which they should know because in government record there were two teachers attending the classes daily but  the students were the result that teachers just attended the class but yet not taught them single word because the teachers themselves didn’t know anything .the little daughter tried her best to teach them the what they have to know so far , while people get aware that the little girl go too far daily to teach ignorant or uncivilized children they start saying that it’s not necessary to go every day, those children can’t give you benefits set home government won’t be aware that you are not performing her duty or say to someone’s else from their areas to go to school every day and give them some money from your salary she will also get her food and you will not suffer more for going miles for un necessary child for next generation but a single word  didn’t enter on her ear because she had already decided to educate her nation though they are from far to her city but part of her nation. If the people of that area was able to teach what is beneficial for the country than no one need me or any educated person for them.
People never let anyone to do something good?
 No! might the one who wish to act best get tired of doing and get the chance to blame the humans and take hands out from the good deeds which she /he used to do, because it’s hard to perform best and get reward.
Same she left going to school, kept a girl in place of her from that area who also learned as the students of that school get before the daughter of hardworking man, thought that these twenty students can’t bring big bang to developing world.
It is very sad that anyone want such education or system for their children? Absolutely no, because every individual has outstanding thoughts and plans about their children.
But the best remain save in corner of mind or heart though she made herself busy with fake world where  anything looked worse, has only done by others because no individual accept their own mistake but thousands of hand arise while bad happen by others .
 One night while her eyes went in deep sleep she dreamed that her father is depressed setting in side of his room where he used to set when he was not satisfied of his work done in day ,she wished to ask him about his worries but her steps were as if in chain her mouth was closed with zip then she start thinking about the reason of her father stressed face but her mind was off nothing was there to washed up the unpleasant moment between father and daughter suddenly she get awake and felt tears on her face after a drinking glass of water and she got the reason behind unhappy face of her father and  she thought of her father who died with smile because he thought I left a human behind me who would be known as  nation builder ,the time of death of her father ,she looked relax because her father prayed that in his funeral her daughter should be relax as I will be ,because I had taught her the ways of life which would lead my daughter to super peace in her heart and relaxation to her mind . nevertheless had done the worse in protecting herself from hard work or in serve of nation and remembered the line often said by her father “dear, do you know why I wish to see you as a teacher because the builders are always blessed by God due to giving their energy to see other in comfort build home and people get shelter you as a teacher will provide education and my nation will conquer the world. Sweetie the teacher and roads remain in same place but lead others on their destination.”
 Get other to journey's end with pretty smile,

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