Monday, December 24, 2018

Mind in aloneness is full of stunning commemorations.

cousins are those who are not our siblings or friend but the bond is strong like bothand the partners of our risky situation of our most often childhoodA mind is always peaceful and relax but when some dirty minds start thinking together thousands of beautiful ideas come to presence which usually has harmful ends and create heart hacking memories. The relationship of cousins is tremendous, anywhere a group of cousins enter though they are individually known as most innocent people but get together make the environment pleasant unlivable and collect the each seconds of that moment to pass there old age or the time of aloneness far from them where we won't be same but thinking about these make mind fresher.
baba ,see there I am first among my family members and between cousins I saw the moon of eid sharzat was jumping with over joy and shouting , suddenly Sharzat exclaimed with pain ha leave my hairs , 
a sound came that what was the reason you were jumping ,I saw the moon dy ,hahahahah brahim laugh and say Ganook before you ,my pure and clean eyes looked the moon because these are only eyes in the world which can see the moon even when it’s not present there ,
beta a blind man only imagine about the beauty of something but never know  the reality .because the way he thinks its different  dear your mobile is ringing where are you with naughty smile Sharzat finished her two lined speech ,
oh shit Aslamwalikum ,said brahim after  listening to phone attracting smile came on his face and said congratulation we are coming just ready the sweets and he puts mobile in his pocket and called Sachan Nodahn,bahd bring out the cars let's move towards uncle home ,
but why on eid’s night what happened said sharzat 's father ? 
Brahim replied, we have a new cousin zabad’s mother give a birth to boy baby how if everyone was waiting for these words all get there sets only manisaah was not willing to come so mehran took her hand and pull her to car. 
they reached there with excitement of seeing their new cousin who will be part with little cousin to take the place when they grow up it's really amazing to live so peacefully, 
wake up please its late dear   shadri was trying to make brahim get up because it was the time to leave home for his flight to Masqat where he was working and it was the last day of holy days and he have to again move to foreign for earning. Before two years everything was okay no tension of earning no stress for his future. he was now married after sometimes he would be known as father for which he had to work and earn ,it would be so nice if he had a job his own country where he could be with all his family but he can't due to not getting the job though he tried so many times then his family members send him Masqat if he set and just only struggle for the job so, who would pay to his family where he had his newlyweds wife and siblings with his mother but the days when he step to his country make him feel of sleeping in the womb of his mother again he get ready and left for flight as he enter to airplane he closed his eyes and was back to his country with his fellows of creating risky ideas which are his best partner in aloneness ,
as usual ,night walk with cousins
sammi please join us ,promise today no fearful scene shali and keyya  were convincing sammi to come with fearful night walk but sammi stayed on her words it was only day sammi was not with so wahag  and banadi said so we won't go tonight but all others refused for cancelling the walk wahg and sumari also didn’t came that night ,talks, stories, loud laughs of Marwan as before we were walking brahim called zemar, zemar there was no response so sakim say she is not here might she went back to home 

hmm, maybe said brahim move on ,
after some minutes aiman felt that Sharzat and manisaah are not with us they ignore that thought might both sisters had work at home and backed when they didn't saw bahd ,
Brahim said to  mehran that where is bahd than they replied he was talking to  someone in his phone might someone called him, oh maybe say sakim and they again continued their beautiful walk,
 suddenly With a strange voice zemar and Marwan get lost ,brahim and mehran couldn't saw because of  over darkness and due to the sudden light fall on their eyes there were only mehran and brahim they got stunned and scared start calling their partners name again and again .
annoying  sound came saying it’s not same as you did before you do in your walks it’s a revenge  brahim began laughing haha hahahahah and Gave answer that dears the one who lived  and passed the situation never afraid of the same .. replied back the annoying sounded man oh Mr. brave its new to you live in it and get out from it than never be sacred again .
brahim smiled and told to the sound that the track you applied now we had over it and heart left this habit, if you steal the way of making people scare so dear you should apply it to someone else not to the one who accept this as a chief game after a while the sound of screaming of zemar and Marwan   and crying of others came to ear. Hahahahahahah.

Be very very quite we have reached  our distination,welcome to Masqat please remain with your seated with your seats belts and make sure your carried items are stowed where they are ,please be careful while opening up  the overhead bins, oh we also want to wish you good luck.

 Brahim get again in the gorgeous memories left in his mind of the first time he was sent for earning but after 15 days he was back to turbat due to not feeling well in Masqat without his cousins .when he put his step to his motherland his soul come across to his souls mates who were waiting in airport when their eyes met to each other the all cousins began screaming all hugged him almost they were 15 people around him then brahim asked about others where they are ?then Marwan replied dear they are in the way let’s move than brahim asked where is car manisaaah laughed loud and said beta we have to go without any car because you had passed 15 years without us in this moment of joy we wished to go by our feet . Around them everyone was gazing them with strange look due to their abnormal way of meeting his uncles came and took the carriage to the car and went so the all cousins start the journey to his home when they reached to outing of airport then the watchman asked about the car and the man from Masqat than they pointed brahim and say he the man who was far from us for 15 years when watchman looked to brahim he was only 22 years old man how for 15 years he was there and so much close to them after seeing the curious expression of watchman merhan said dear they are kidding its only 15 days the kakakakakak wahg laughed and all other smile and get out from the airport in middle of the way the all (bacha patty)little cousin were standing with lots of balloons and they also joined the journey to home where his mother ,aunts uncles were waiting to have the lunch together.

How funny was the journey though it was to make brahim feel shy of coming so soon because they sent him for 2 years but he run away from aloneness how the life is, the situation we never thought of bearing we get habit of living in it .that was so hard might still very hard to be in foreign country with foreign people being known as innocent but we are compel because we need our family smiling, happy. Brahim get out from plan there wasn’t anyone as same as his cousin to welcome him with their idiots ideas and wishes because it’s not his own country though we live with people so friendly but the fun with cousins in own motherland never looked same to living with others .

Dedicating to cousin in  birthday of my  sweet cousin ,wish we might not have thousands years composed having fun but the moment we are together remain thousands of years in our hearts and make feel always calm…..


  1. how beautifully written.The relationship with czns is such a blessing that other colleagues, we surly can’t find like them cousin are god gifted
    my wish to my cute czn
    Happy Birthday Usman

  2. Wish to have your name in famous writer.
    Keep it up

  3. GREAT Mrs, Nazoali: well written, Shall I copy this and post it On My Blog.